How I work and my approach…

I have gotten a lot of questions about my approach over the years, so I hope this is informative for some.
Maybe from time to time I’ll upload more like this, also I tend to go all over the place so bear with me, so it might not flow in terms of continuity.
Sorry about my writing, I did this rather enthusiastically.

Another note, what I mean “In terms of being an artist” is that as artists we are given a model to draw, but we each have our own way we see the world. That way of seeing is derived from the places we have each been and the things that grew on each of us over time. So working from that is really crucial in each person’s learning curve.

This is not the “right way” merely my own way of thinking.

Children Do


“Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for such belongs the kingdom of God.”

Mark 10:14

These past couple of days I was introduced to book by the Holy Spirit called ‘Heaven is for Real’.  Which is about a four year old who went to heaven during an intense medical procedure and little by little reveals what he saw to his parents. Personally it was a touching read which reaffirmed my faith,  and made me even more excited and thrilled to have faith in Jesus!  

The boy makes his descriptions of heaven simple, clear and unfiltered.  He was an eyewitness and therefore, he speaks about what he saw with boldness because he was physically there.  What stands out to me most is how the child spoke with such conviction and simplicity.  He accepted what most people say is false and is just rolling with it.  Rolling with God’s love.  He is chasing after God’s heart…much like King David was.  

The boy’s name was Colton Burpo, and what is inspiring is that his tenacity of God was so pure.  Children are after God’s heart from the very beginning.  They long for Him.  They are searching.  Always curious.  Always wanting to know more about this beautiful world He created.  Always in use of their senses; to create!

I really have so much to say on this topic, because I love the purity of children, and so does God.

What I’m trying to get in this round about way is that children are doers.  Children just have this God given need to…well…to just do! They are ignorant to the their surroundings and are just so fixated at what’s at hand.   What is within reach. They truly can milk a moment.  They can take in the day and always stay in the mindset of ‘what’s next!’ Through a child’s eyes things are extremely vivid.  Colors, Sounds, Taste, Smells and the like.  Children are artists at heart.  They instinctively have, “Ears that hear and eyes that see!”  (Proverbs 20:12)  They try and capture what is before them from the gut, they are after the heart of the subject at hand.  They desire nothing more or less.  They are satisfied.  There is no more speculation after their piece is done.  Its just “on to the next page” for them.

Children Do?

We as artists are meant for that very purpose! This is our time to be like children.  To search and excavate for the life that is springing forth from the very foundations of the earth!  We are not meant to intellectualize everything to the point where we doubt our own abilities.  Children at a certain age don’t compare themselves to others.  They just marvel and capture.  They have to express what it is they are feeling, they can’t keep it bottled up.  They are honest and blunt.

Children Do.

There is no right or wrong with what they are trying to express…it just comes natural and there is not enough room in their minds for doubt.  They aren’t worried about having a motive and how it will affect others.  They aren’t worried about how their ideas or concepts will transcend the higher minds of the world.  They don’t worry about whether their gifts will bring them success.  They aren’t worried about whether or not people get what they’re trying to say.  They don’t care if they make a mess.  They aren’t trying to please, only trying to please that urge.  That unquenching desire!  To do!

Children Do!!

Having this quality is not a state of mind, it’s just a simple matter of doing. As artists in animation, we are after this matter of simplicity.  Animation is about moving forces, so what greater force than that of the child’s creativity.  We like the children we once were, must take back what the world took away.  It’s totally possible so don’t think it’s too late, because it never is.  Our time is now.  This day, this night, this sunrise, this evening, this now.  This is it!  The time right now is 11:20, not 11:19 that minute has passed.. oh my…. its 11:21.  A new minute! On 8/31/2013!  What an opportunity.  To be alive and in my right mind, to be blessed.  To live another minute.  My problems are so invisible to what God has in store for his greater purpose.  So I don’t really have much to worry about.  My life is in His hands and not mine anymore.  His love is all I’m after, and so is life!  That is what my pencil is doing every time it hits the paper.  It is searching.  Trying so desperately to catch what is unseen.  

So if you get anything from this ramble, just try and let that child that you were meant to be explode.  Let it be.  Let it jump.  Let it Soar.  Just let go.  Just do it.